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Neuropathy is a disorder of the nervous system in which the nerves that connect the spinal cord to other regions of the body are damaged. According to the Neuropathy Association, over 20 million Americans suffer from this condition. Neuropathy can cause painful symptoms in the hands and feet, including numbness, a tingling or burning sensation, and an extreme sensitivity to touch. Although this disease has historically been difficult to treat, a new protocol has been developed that is achieving successful results for patients across the country. Dr Jesse Liebman is proud to offer this advanced treatment at his practice in Marlton NJ, to reduce or eliminate neuropathy symptoms in as few as five weeks.

How the Neuropathy Treatment Works

Our treatment program is comprehensive and has a high success rate of reducing symptoms for all of the different types of neuropathy. During the first five weeks, patients are treated in our offices with a procedure known as electrotherapy. The type of electrotherapy performed at our practice was developed by Dr. Phillips and uses an electrical dual frequency at 7.8 hertz to stimulate nerve and muscle cells. Research has shown that this particular frequency causes the brain to release endorphins that can greatly reduce physical pain. This treatment can also reduce the patient's symptoms by improving blood flow and circulation on a long-term basis.

In addition to electrotherapy, our neuropathy treatment protocol also consists of nutrition and diet education, exercise therapy, chiropractic care, and medical massage. Dr. Liebman added joint mobilization techniques to add a biochemical treatment aspect to the program and enhance and hasten the healing process. Through the combination of these modalities, we can help patients become free from numbness, burning sensations, and other painful symptoms. The treatment approach is multi-faceted and results are well documented.

At the conclusion of the five weeks, most patients notice significant improvement and no longer require in-office electrotherapy. We offer a home care unit that patients can use at their convenience to maintain and continue to improve their results, along with our comprehensive follow-up care.


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